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Age: 26
Status: single
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Seeking: casual encounter, cuddling, bicurious woman
Location: Memphis, Tennessee

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If we can hook up when we meet,I wanna please you the whole night. If you don't have another kinky idea, I will at first give you a romantic, slow-motion, relaxing, but stimulating massage. I also enjoy using my tongue not just for our common dinner with good food, but also on your mannly lips and hard dick. I want to give you a relaxing massage, which gradually ramps up to a more arousing and exciting massage. You will lie face down, naked on my bed. I will start with quieting and focusing my mind while resting my hands on your upper and lower back. Then, I will perform a relaxing massage on your back, legs and feet. Of course I will be keeping my hands in contact with u, taking my time, being rhythmic yet sensitive and proceeding from long gliding strokes to deeper ones. After relaxing your back, legs, and feet,you will be turned over and I will massage your chest, arms, and hands as begining. Thereafter, I will glide down to your legs and to make you feel good, I'll brush your center of lust then go down to your legs. After finishing the fronts of your legs and feet, My body will glide back up and my b(.)(.)s will slowly brush over your manly lips, just teasing them. I tease them by brushing the inner thighs near your lips, very lightly touching the love region. I guess by then your erotic energy will already be up and I can begin with even more arousing actions. Then I will try to focus the massage on your wet lips, with my b(.)(.)s periodicly sweeping up and down upon your body to spread, balance and integrate your lusty sensations. With my lubricated finger I will softly and rhythmically go around your hard d**k in circles. If I find which area you like most I will continue until you are very excited and then use my mouth to arouse your horny manhood to feel the heat raising up inside it. ... . After I rubbed you rhythmically for some time I will use my beautiful b(.)(.)s and wet p*ssy as well. With both b(.)(.)bs together I will press your arrousal in a circular way until your are even more excited. Then I rotate my tongue to rub your body up and down. If you are really aroused and you get bigger and then you beg me right,'OH HONEY,SWEATIE,SUGAR...MY QUEEN,MY TREASURE, PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE LET ME TAKE YOU...' If you r interested,please contact me,most important of all,let me know how to get hold of you,thanks!

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